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Tired of the same graphics as your buddy? Look no further!

Our Full Custom Kits are great for the rider looking for something of their own or for a team looking to have all the riders match.

This a full custom one off kit for you for the price of stock graphics. Not some kit we already have designed and just switch the colors on and call it "custom".

When you place your order, we will talk with you to figure out exactly what your looking for. Then we will create your one off kit from scratch.


We use the same vinyl and laminate formulated for Team Pro Circuit Kawasaki.

Our full kit includes: Front Number Plate, Side Number Plates, Shrouds, Front Fenders, Back Fenders, Swing Arms, Fork Guards and a mini number plate kit.

Please use the order form below to get your order started.

50cc: $149.95 | 65cc: $165.95 | 85/105cc : $199.95 | 125/450cc: $249.95

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