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Hi everyone. Bobby hasn't told anyone as of yet so I'm letting a small few know. His dad passed away unexpectedly last week and unfortunately his funeral was not paid for. Bobby has been such a huge help in the motocross community and I would love to help him be able to pay for the funeral but I can't do it alone. He does not know I'm doing this and please don't send condolences until he mentions something on Facebook. He could really use your help at this time and would never ask for anything but would give the shirt of his back to help someone. Out of kindness could you please donate any amount of money to help him with the funeral cost. The savings account with the money to bury his father is now caught up in probate until the death certificate is released from the state and that could take up to 90 days. Anything at all will help. We need to raise at least $9800 to cover the cost of the funeral.


Thank you,


Kaci Groves

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